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Ryusuke Hayashi

Weekend ultra light bay saltwater game with M50SR-S.

This weekend  I wasnt sure if it will work or not. 

 But, I fish ultra light saltwater fishing at end of river just before the ocean bay.  Tide was out going.(2 hours after Stoped tide) It was perfect currant for fishing. 

I fished with babyface M50SR-S with bass tackle ( 6ft10 light spinning rod with 2500 size reel with  PE0.8 + 8 lbs fluoro.) 

Cast in up stream.  Let it sink to until the bottom(3,4m) and using the river currant as drift swimming with little twitch (minimum twitching) .

Most important thing was try to fish as bottom as possible with currant.  For this kind of fishing. M50SR-S was perfect lure. (I was not sure for color of lure. So I chose natural color to start.)

With this technique , I was able to catch 2 small Sea Bass and 3 nice size  

Yellowfin Seabream. 

Of course, M50SR-S is armed with fine wire hooks for trout. So, I played a lot with reel drag.  It was so fun & joyful !!!